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    Gilt’s Tech Event!


    Thanks to everyone that braved the rain and showed up for Gilt’s Exotic Programming Languages and the Web Tech Talk this Wednesday. We had a great turnout and some awesome speakers.

    The talks

    Scala: Nathan Hamblen, organizer of ny-scala meetups


    Clojure: David Nolen, lead Developer for Shiftspace


    Jean Barmash: organizer of the Groovy / Grails Meetups


    Andrew Pliszka: organizer of the Erlang World Meetups


    Mark Wunsch - Lead front end developer at


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    "The best way to avoid failure is to fail constantly."

    Not only applicable to tech :)


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    Need a car?

    A brand new Jetta for 6k.. sounds too good to be true? Guess not.

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